Where can I eat dinner at Chessington Resort Hotels & Glamping?

If you're staying in our Resort accommodation, why not dine in one of our themed restaurants. If you're looking to book a table at one of our restaurants please click on one of the below links.

Chessington Safari Hotel:

Zafari Bar & Grill.

Chessington Azteca Hotel:

Temple Restaurant.

Explorer Glamping*

Explorers Outpost.-Not currently available to book in advance.

*Please note that our Explorers Outpost restaurant is exclusive for Glamping guests. 

Sample Menu's

For our sample menus please click the below links, please note that these menus and prices are subject to change. 

Zafari Bar & Grill (sample menu)

Zafari Bar & Grill- Children's (sample menu)

Temple Restaurant (sample menu)

Explorers Outpost (sample menu)

Important Information:

  • Dinner is not included in our packages, we highly recommend adding this on at the time of booking. Please note that you cannot add on Zafari Bar & Grill to our packages.
  • If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, we strongly recommend speaking to the restaurant before arrival.
  • We strongly recommend that guests pre-book a table before arrival, this can be booked via the above links.
  • Our sample menus above are subject to change and availability. 
  • Our restaurant opening times vary depending on the time of year.