NEW for 2022: Shipwreck Coast

Batten down the hatches; a storm is brewing this summer over Chessington World of Adventures Resort! Sail into Shipwreck Coast, a wild new land which opened July 15th. Navigate the wild, wet and windy shores to voyage into our disaster ridden harbour town, where you’ll enjoy TWO brand new rides, encounter new animal species and take part in fin-tastic entertainment!


Find out more about the ROARsome rides in Shipwreck Coast on our links below: 

Barrel Bail Out!

Trawler Trouble


Blue Barnacle

It’s all hands-on deck as disaster strikes at the docks! The harbourmaster needs your help at the new Barrel Bail Out! attraction, where a freak maelstrom has engulfed the infamous harbour, and all his goods have washed into the troubled waters. Will you brave the whirlpool and race to empty the barrels of water?

Over at Trawler Trouble, our other new ride, you’ll discover the Captain and his crew of an unsuspecting fishing vessel have run around. Will you help rock the boat to release it back into open water, or will it remain and join the rest of the wreckage washed up at Shipwreck Coast?